Room Diffuser


Cottage Chamomile’s chamomile and lavender room diffusers are a stylish and alternative way of scenting your rooms without being overpowering. Made using a natural carrier oil as a base, either grapeseed or almond, they are then scented with our own homegrown and distilled chamomile oil and a local lavender oil that is also distilled here on Church Farm.

The diffuser can last between 2 and 4 months, and it is suggested that the reeds should be turned once a week in order to maintain the sweet apple smell given off by the essential chamomile oil.

Not only does this luxury diffuser give off a lovely aromatic smell, both essential oils used within the product are known for their calming properties and therefore can help in relieving stress and tension after a long day at work.


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The reed diffusers come in a 100ml squat bottle with a wooden top and 5 rattan reeds. They can be placed anywhere in the home and will suit any decor.

This product contains NO Alcohol.



Room Diffuser