English Chamomile Essential Oil


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All our English Chamomile Essential Oil is grown and distilled on our farm in West Sussex.

We steam distil the flowers and stems of the English Chamomile here at Church Farm from late July to early August. The oil is then cleaned and dried before we decant it into 5 or 10 ml. bottles.

There is a long list of uses of Chamomile from promoting restful sleep to treating skin conditions such as eczema and even lightening hair colour. Known for its calming properties, Roman chamomile has been used for centuries to calm the mind, body and spirit. It is most commonly used topically to aid in a peaceful nights sleep by applying a few drops, mixed with 10ml of carrier oil, to the bottom of the feet.

Other Suggested Uses

  • Adding 1 – 2 drops to  moisturiser, shampoo or conditioner to promote youthful looking skin and/or hair .
  • Adding 3 – 4 drops to bath water to relieve stress and/or anxiety emotions, and promote a peaceful nights sleep.
  • Adding a few drops to a burner to create a wonderful aromatic smell around the home.

WARNING: Always test on a small area of skin before applying topically in order to ensure no allergens are present. If you are known to be allergic to any plant in the Asteraceae (Compositae) family – ragweed, echinacea, dandelions, arnica, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, feverfew, calendula, asters or daisy, do not use this product as it is possible that you will also be allergic to Roman chamomile.

Do not use in eyes, ears or nose. Wash immediately if any of these areas come into contact with the chamomile essential oil.

Please be aware that the smell is very potent, when adding to a burner or any other room fragrances, please start small with 3 – 4 drops and then add according to personal preferences.

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We only sell the Essential Oil that we extract the from the flowers that we grow here on the farm.

English Chamomile Essential Oil

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