Rain falls in the ditch   February has only just begun but the ditches around our chamomile fields are beginning to fill up.  After a very dry winter so far it’s good to see some rainfall.  This month is known as “February Fill Dyke” and even though we call them ditches down South it’s good to see them running with water at this time of year. puddles on the chamomile field

Although the heavy downpours will lead to water lying in places on the chamomile fields, it will soon drain away and leaving the tough plants to grow away in the Spring – which is hopefully just around the corner! 

Long range Forecast

The weather in this country has always evened itself out over the course of the year,  with a few notable exceptions like 1976.  I’d rather have the rain now, in February, than in the busy months to come when we need to get on the fields.



February Fill Dyke