In one of our Facebook posts this week, #TipTuesday, we referenced a Blog Post by James Wong on growing a chamomile lawn from the contents of a chamomile tea bag.  I’m not sure I’m convinced of how effective this would be. Why? Hopefuly the teabag producer uses flowers picked at the peak of flowering to ensure a good flavour- this would be before the seed had set, rather than later when the flower is over and most of the fragrance and other botanical elements have left what would then be the seed head.  It’s the same as picking a pea pod, although the pea inside would become a viable seed if left on the plant to ripen, when picked for eating while it’s still young and tender and full of flavour it would not produce new growth if planted.

dried flowersWe picked and dried some flowers this year , which as you can see have retained their yellow colour so I suspect wouldn’t produce any viable seed, but do retain a good level of chamomile aroma so will produce a good flavour if made into tea.  In the smaller picture you can see some brown, “dead flowers” which have lost the outer white petals, full of seed but not the best for making tea!  I’ll have to put it to the test, I’ll rub out some of our dried flowers and see if I can grow any new plants from them – Watch this Space!!old-flowers


Chamomile seed?