Having spent a very cold five hours at the Farmers’ Market this morning we returned home just as the rain was arriving so decided to dash out with the dogs to walk off the stiff muscles from standing all morning.  I spotted a big flock of Brent geese on the wheat so we walked across the chamomile field to frighten them away.  What do we find?

Some very unhelpful person or persons unknown has dug over a dozen holes in the chamomile crop in search of buried treasure!  This was probably done at night by one of the local so-called nighthawks who illegally enter peoples property at night, metal-detecting in the hope of finding some priceless artefact.  This is wrong on so many levels,

criminal damage
A selection of holes
  1.  If they do find something of value, either monetarily or archeologically it should be handed in to the authorities and it’s location reported.
  2.  They are criminally damaging the crop or crops.
  3.  All of our farm has been ploughed regularly for over 60 years so any treasure will have been buried out of their detectors range so they are wasting their time.
  4. They don’t have permission, they are trespassing and breaking the law.

Further round on our walk we discovered similar damage in two other fields.   Not a happy ending to Friday!

It maybe Friday 19th but it feels more like Friday 13th!!