View from the office
View from the office

Blue sky, no wind and best of all – no rain! After a month of gloomy, very wet and windy weather today is a proper mid-winter day – cold, bright and crisp.  Apologies for a lack of communication over the last month but the weather has had a dampening effect on my writing as well as the fields.  I tried leaving the trail cam out for a week to capture some deer photos but they’ve migrated to the bottom of the farm where there is some shelter from the horizontal rain that’s been falling since Christmas.  However we are so fortunate compared to those in the North who have suffered so greatly in the floods in the recent past, I cannot imagine how it feels to be flooded at Christmas time, I do hope the powers that be come up with a sensible, long term solution this time.

This photo is the view from our office this morning, you can see Charlotte’s cottage and the field of  chamomile. The chamomile never really goes into a dormant phase and with all the mild weather we’ve had this winter it’s looking quite lush, I expect the forecast cold snap will brown off some of the tender new growth!

We’ve got all the necessary documentation to be able to sell our bath and body range of products now which are all available from our Etsy shop and can be viewed on our Products pages.


A Winter’s Day – at last!