How did the name Cottage Chamomile arise?

It’s quite simple, and logical! The field in which we grow our English Chamomile is named Cottage field! Why? Because the farm cottages stand in the corner of the field and it’s in the kitchen of one of these that Charlotte makes our products for sale.

Some of the field names on the farm.
Some of the field names on the farm.

The origin of field names is a fascinating subject.  Some of the names are obvious. Sandpit is so called because the soil is unusually sandy in that field and was probably used to dig sand in olden days and a tin barn stands in the corner of Tin Barn field!  Others have a more recent name, Home field is behind my parents’ old house and is an amalgamation of three smaller fields so we came up with that name.  Where Big and Little Aubrey came from I have no idea except that Big Aubrey is the larger of the two! Millpondtail is near the end of the former Sidlesham Mill Pond so presumably the tail of the pond, although our foreman, George, back in the 1960’s used to call it Millpond Halt after the stop on the Selsey Tramway.

Some names like Cottage and Church field are common to a lot of farms, and most farms name their fields although others refer to them by numbers, probably more logical but a bit dull I feel.  I do know of a field on a farm in Essex known as Red Square the reason being it adjoins a house once owned by someone who the farmer felt was a communist so referred to the house as the Kremlin! There are quite a few Big Fields and at least one Bloody Big Field that I know of.

The reason for naming them is the same reason your home has a name or a number – it makes them easier to find! If you want someone to plough a field it’s a lot easier to say “go and plough Tin Barn field” than “go and plough the thirty acres down Rookery Lane on the left at the end of the track that was maize last year”!

What’s in a name?