One of the most popular activities at our open days in June this year was sampling a cup of chamomile tea made from the fresh flowers.  Everyone who tried the infusions enjoyed the experience whether they were  regular chamomile tea drinkers or it was their first taste of the herb drink.

Chamomile tea has been a popular drink for many centuries and its health benefits are well documented.  Many people take a cup at bedtime to aid a restful sleep either to combat insomnia or reduce anxiety.

Chamomile tea
A cup of chamomile tea made from fresh flowers

A recent article in the Daily Mail highlighted the research from Texas University linking longer life in Mexican women to regular consumption of the tea.

We’ll be serving our fresh tea at our Open Days next year so why not come along and sample probably the freshest cup of chamomile tea you can!  In the meantime we’ll be researching ways of preserving the flowers to make a tea you can take away with you.

Chamomile Tea